A Brief History of Mrs Peeks

Yes, there really was a Mrs Peek's! She was the wife of Mr Peek from "Peek - Frean" responsible for many of our favourites today such as Garibaldi biscuit, Bourbon biscuit and the first cream sandwich biscuitof the founder of Peek Frean biscuits. Mrs Peek's made her puddings in Bermondsey, South London, United Kingdom. The Mrs Peek's Brand was first launched in 1898

Mrs Peeks was a perfectionist and only used the finest ingredients, she insisted on ingredients that would be found in a traditional larder this ensured her puddings to be of a high quality finish with a traditional family feel.

In 1910 her pre cooked pudding went on to become a best seller during the First World War.

In 2007 Mrs Peek's joined the Bright Blue Foods family. Bright Blue Foods ensured that the Mrs Peek's brand stuck to its traditional values. Since then Mrs Peek's has again, grown strength to strength.